SCM music player a spark to pierce the dark
a spark to pierce the dark
Taylor. 21. Alabama.
"Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean."
- Lana Del Rey

Juno Putting Argos’ Eyes on the Peacock’s Tail by Orazio Riminaldi (detail)
Anonymous said: Agreed! You're the bomb

Hahaha not in the slightest. Why you on anon? It’s obvi we have good conversations! Come off! 

Anonymous said: But when Pascal was killed, Victoria lost it. Could you imagine her kids? It should be Daniel or Patrick. Patrick would hit her the hardest, but Emily would get more satisfaction killing Daniel. Do you think David's bad?! With Victoria saying "your dad's not the man you think he was" or was she just saying that to trick her?

I feel that Daniel will go sometime this season and if so she would probably go cray. I believe she loves her kids but I think she also uses them because she knows they’ll come back to her so she knows she can get away with anything with them. And I do think David isn’t going to be as great as we want him to be but I really do want him, emily and nolan to team up. That would slay so hard.


Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel by Better Living Through Imagineering on Flickr.

First day of the new semester was great! LONG day but it’s going to be a good one :)

Anonymous said: The only thing I think Emily has to loose is Nolan (maybe) so I don't understand why Victoria would go after her. I mean she has 3 kids (2 if you count that Emily probably wouldn't kill Charlotte). Do you think that's logical? How do you feel about it?

I’m pretty sure if she lost Nolan she’d loose it hardcore. If you think about it Victoria always says “I do whatever for my kids” but there have been very few times where she REALLY does something for the good of her children. Think about all the times Daniel an Charlotte have been like “I’m done with you!” I think it makes sense for her to want to go after Emily, but obviously having not just killed Victoria she has to know that, that will be Victoria will do so I anticipate Emily will counter that move. But we also have to consider how everyone’s going to change now that David’s coming back into the picture. That’s going to change everything. For everyone.  

First day of the new semester! Let’s do thissssss #UAB